Channeling and Mediumship David Raddatz..

David has been working with the Washington Ghost Society for approximately two years. He attempts to communicate with ghosts and demonstrate that channeling is a viable method for communication with discarnate entities. His abilities, along with those of other members, each gifted psychics, are able to assist other team members to locate specific areas of activity which often provides some form of evidence that can be recorded on audio tape, photographs, and film.

Channeling and Mediumship (Full Body)

There is really no important difference between channeling and full body mediumship, my distinction refers only to levels of energy. The real purpose for both whether the channel/medium realizes it or not is: “to for a moment, drop the barrier between me and not me.” To discover that there is no reason to keep a barrier up to protect me from them or them from me.


Channeling is simply the process of tuning into and opening up to All That Is (God, Goddess, All That Is). When you get an idea out of the blue, that is channeling. When you hear music in your head or a get a great idea for a picture, or a photograph, that’s channeling. Channeling entities is merely an extension of this. It requires openness, willingness to let go of control, willingness to listen and trust of yourself and the entities. Voice channeling is more likely to involve entities that are your guides, master teacher, unlimited beings such as angels and ascended masters.

Full body Mediumship

What I am calling full body mediumship, is what I do as a medium. In a sense, I voice channel people from the Astral Plane in doing my mediumship role. I voice channel people who have died and come back to deliver messages to loved ones, and I voice channel people who have died and do not have awareness of the change in their status. This includes what we call ghosts. Many mediums these days make a connection with the deceased individual and act as an intermediary, i.e., the dead person appears to them, gives them messages which in turn they relay to friends and loved ones. The way a full body medium works is that we verbally channel the individual directly. Both methods are valid.

Physical Mediumship

This form of mediumship is somewhat rare today. These individuals can produce physical manifestations of both the entity and psychic energy. They may produce physical objects, they may produce ectoplasm that can take the shape of the entity. These are the mediums famous for trumpet séances, levitations, and frankly, trickery.

Teaching of Channeling

As a person who teaches others to channel, I teach people to discover guides, teachers, ascended masters, and angels. I provide a safe, clear space for people to make their own discoveries, to find their own modalities. No one can say that they will be a voice channel, medium, etc.. My job is to create the opening for them and then allow them to run with it according to their modalities and their choice.

Currently David is channeling a collection of entities known as TheAll.
TheAll consists of:

Ascended Master healer, Pleiadian

Aman Ito

Ascended Master channeling teacher, Pleiadian

Samantha (w/Halsey)

Guide and Teacher primarily for new channelers


Unlimited Being, or Angel


Unofficial Spokesentity for the group. African Witch Doctor from 1840s. Ahia also teaches channeling, mediumship, and healing.

David teaches Channeling & Mediumship and can be contacted at

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