~ Zuu the Wyrm ~

In a deep dark vale, on the border to the cursed lands of the dark lord, there dwelleth Zuu the Worm, inhabitant of the cave of shadows and guardian of the last bridge. None has ever caught him throughout the ages, not even the dark sorcerer's Tulairi, witch warriors with special magical powers.
We all are grateful to the dangerous Zuu as he, though having no master but himself alone, is a constant threatening to those who pass the border and those are, in general, evil warriors trying to haunt the lands west of the bridge. Those with a non pure will, that is one that is not in align with the purpose which Creator had devised for that soul, those are Zuu's victims and as there are many of them in these days of fallacy, Zuu has seldom run out of easy prey.
The Wise Ones seek counsel now and then from Zuu, mostly in matters that surpass the sight of those who try to live on the light side alone.
And yet, ordinary people speak in horror of that large snake ?..dragon ?...who knows, as he's as far from today's daily life as fairy tales are.

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