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This is very good and verbose: Self Help for Depressions

Collection from Ace

Channel-Medium Marina Johnson from New Zealand (esp:spiritual depression  // special hints 'Show Yourself', 'You are special', 'Confirmations' und "towards new beginnings"

Spiritweb artice on Depression

My statement on Spiritual Depression

You have been traveling on a path that is not exactly that one which you have chosen to follow for this lifetime. Instead, you feel like constantly drifting off what what you originally wanted; and your present life, what you are doing in reality, differs so much from your real wishes and expectations of what you want to achive in this lifetime, that you find yourself disabled and lost. 
Bring yourself in contact with your highest ideals, your highest part of your personaly, the 'real you' and finally (!) do what is good for you !! In fact, DO what makes you happy. That is your higher goal in life.