The Spider On the Road


Scatha came to visit Sedona.  The land of real life fairy tails.  When he was here there were many things i wanted to show him of the desert and her magics.  One day we were driving along, and i was thinking to myself "I wish i could show him a tarantula."  A few moments later one ran in front of the truck.  We stopped and got out to look at it.  For some odd reason I was drawn to put out my hand to the huge spider.  And to the amazment of all of us he ran some ten feet and just jumped in my hand.  It was like we were old friends.  The look on Scatha's face when i held up the spider to him was so funny.  Then i set him down on the road again, but alas a large truck was coming, so i put out my hand again, and the spider jumped back into it.  I took him to safety and that is when we took this picture.  I asked some Native Americans about it and they told me that the tarantula comes to a true magician.


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A true Story by Raven, design by Scatha