Günther giving soluable solutions for those sticky problems !

(no this is not Günther just his favourite mascot!)

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Ok guys, here is what people have been asking "Günther"


Question: I want to be unique, famous, and loved by girls. What can I do ?
Günther: Get a GUID sticker. It has a number which is essentially guaranteed to be unique. Write a virus for Outlook Express. Within 3 weeks you'll get into the headlines. When you are in jail, the girls will love you. Same thing with all women: as long as they can't get you they love you.


Question: Can you tell me my future ?
Günther: Yes, our scientists developed a new method, called "permutatio ad infinitum". It will give very precise answers.
Question: How does this work ?
Günther: You get 4294967296 different futures displayed. Then it's your choice to select the best fit.
Question: How should THIS be of any help ?
Günther: I didn't say it would help. Would you rather believe a psychic ? No, you want to be in total control of your self, mate ! There you go !
Question: I wanna make more money.
Günther: Me, too.
Question: My son sits on the computer and surfs the net all the time. What shall I do ?
Günther: Tell him "If you continue like this, you won't ever make it to something. You'll end up in the streets and nobody will like you." He'll never again have the courage to face life, and he will be your humble servant forever ;-)
Question: Where have you got your knowledge from ?
Günther: Microsoft provides me with everything I need. Software, documentation, problems to solve, so my life never gets boring and my knowledge always grows.

Question: What is the best place to go for a date with a woman ?
Günther: going shopping together, especially the food store but the retail store as well, because then you can find out ASAP  if she is picky or prone to luxury, or lets you do all the choosing, just to later on be unsatisfied with your choice, or if she merely longs for the content of your purse. (thanx to pradababe!!)