Every thought creates, no matter how small it may be

Take a look around you at your life.  Is it what you want it to be, or does it not live up to your expectations of what you thought it would be.  Now take another look and see if you can remember any of your imaginings from years ago or even yesterday. Any of your negative or even positive thoughts about anything. Because, believe it or not you've just created something in your life that will happen to either you or someone else in your life. ]

I've been looking around me and seeing things I never realised before.  The power of thought and projection we have is phenomenal. Without realising it I created my life years ago. I used to do what I call, live my life in my mind.  I would be living in the physical existence that was around me.  Going through the motions, so to speak but in another reality I was also living in my mind,  it was more exciting that way.  My life was boring and rather than make the effort to change it on a physical level I chose to live what I wanted in my mind by thinking about different scenarios and things that I would like to have happen with me in it.

What I never realised I was doing was creating my future. What I thought was just harmless imaginings were things I was projecting into my future.


While it still amazes me just how awesome this manifesting is, at the same time its very frightening to see.  I look around at my life and  the people in it and see them or me or both in situations I used to imagine.


very nice situations either.

Needless to say I was a very negative person and on some level, still am.  All my  meanderings of the mind were all to do with emotional ups and downs which is at the moment being reflected in my life right now. 

As for the other people in my life who are helping my manifestatioins come to light,  well it seems somewhere within them they have also created this for themselves as well,  hence the term


This comes back to taking responsibility for our own lives.  Taking responsibility for whats happening in our lives rather than projecting blame on another person. All the people in our lives that we view as both good or bad are there because we brought them to us.  The thoughts we each have are what created them in our lives.

The next time you think someone else is responsible for the pain you are going through,  take another look.  See if you can remember a thought or pattern of thought you may have inside your mind that fits what is going on around you. 

Try being honest with yourself and seeing just how much you are responsible for the pain you are going through.  Don't blame the others around you for they are there because you called them to you even if you weren't aware of it at the time.

Whenever you go through a dark period and come out of it, look at it from the outside.  Look at it like your a fly on the wall and see what thought patterns you still have that are creating these situations in your life. 

Now take a look at your view of the world.  Is it one that is positive or is it one that buys into what I call the fear factor. The one where there is no hope for this planet.  Where there is nothing we can do to change what many think may happen to the planet.  Total destruction because of all the weapons and wars we have created.  If your thinking along those lines then all you are doing is helping to create that fear you focus on. 

Just as the power of prayer can save so can the power of fear destroy.  The only difference between the two is the words.  Each is a way of creating something positive or negative, but each is created even if you dont realise it.

Take a look at how something can be created.  Look at the way you pray for world peace.  How do you pray for it and why? Are you praying for world peace because you fear what is happening in the world today? Because if you are doing it because of that then your wasting your time.  Praying because you fear something is just cancelling out any positive energy that praying will generate.

To react because of fear is no more than helping to create the fear you are trying to stop happening.  All the predictions that people see for the future are no more than creating what's to come.

We all have a choice in all this.  We can focus on the fear and intensify the creative energy of that fear or we can focus on ourselves and our own negative thoughts about it. 

Heaven on earth is a reality for all of us but not many of us choose to believe it. Believing it's possible is the start of creating it.  The rest will come.