You know what its like when your all alone. When there's no one to talk to and no one to see you. Its that feeling you have, that feeling of emptiness, but you're never alone, there's always your thoughts. Everytime you're alone you sit and think about things. Things come to mind and you wonder where they came from and more to the point, why they came? Passing fancies, things you always wanted or thought you wanted but never had the chance to get them. Thoughts about life, people and the world as it is today and how it could have been if things had only been a little different. Things that have happened in the past that seem to control the way we are today. Many things that could have happened differently. 
What if there had been no wars in this world. No fighting between the races. No quarrel about ownership of land and who or what there was to do with the land. What would this world have been like if these wars never happened.

Is heaven really what everyone thinks it should be. Is it really a place of serenity and peace that many seek to find in this realm of existence. What would heaven be like for many who want to go there. 

Ive often thought about what heaven would be like but Ive never really thought of it as a place that could exist. Not really a place where we go when we die. If heaven did exist the way we are taught to believe then why the hell would we ever want to leave it. Why would we choose to come to this place and forget there is a heaven somewhere out there that exists for those who are good and live a life of service to others. 

Heaven isn't something that exists apart from us all. Its not a place out there in the cosmos somewhere where only certain people go to. Its here on earth. This is heaven, all is well and as long as we can allow our true inner feelings to roam free here, the heaven we each seek becomes manifest in our lives. Realising that heaven is a state of mind, much like sadness and hell is a state of mind is something that many seem to misunderstand in all this. 

The states of mind we each experience is a part of heaven in the making for all of us. It may seem to be something that is unattainable but its not something that isn't always here anyway. 

Just change the way you view the world around you and you will see the heaven you seek in everyone else's eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul and seeing the soul will bring you so much closer to the heaven you seek. See other people as parts of yourself that are fragmented and disjointed from you but are also at the same time joined to you as well. You are each a part of a whole race of beings that has been told things about this reality that have taken control and hold you each a prisoner of your own making. 

Take the time to see what is there for you all and you will see yourself in the eyes of everyone else you meet. 

The same fears reside in each of you as well as the same love that resides in each of you. There have been many who have tried and failed to make the heaven on earth theory become manifest but now there will be coming a time when many others will see it the way you have been seeing it for many years. While the realisation has seemed to be slow in coming for you, that same said realisation is something that has always been a part of you.

For one to realise the true strength within themselves comes a lot of pain and suffering. It is through pain the realisations of the truth for each of you that is brought to you. For each period of pain and suffering there also comes a semblance of truth within the realms of the consciousness that you are experiencing at that time. 

While many are suffering depression and sadness, this is not something that isnt part and parcel of the journey you are all on at the moment. Allowing the feelings to flow and immerse yourself in them is a part of the healing process as well. But remember this healing is not just yours and yours alone for the healing you are doing is in essence helping those others around you that are also feeling sad and frustrated at the way there lives have turned out to be. 


Changing what you think and how you do things is a process that is highly enduring and the willingness of many to run as fast as they can from themselves is proof of this. 


Energy, a word often bandied around by me to explain things. What is energy? I am energy, you are energy, everything that you perceive is energy. Even the thoughts you think are energy. It is these thoughts that create what is around you at the moment. It is all energy. 

Once a thought pattern has been established within you there comes with it the creation of the energy that you are thinking. Or is it the other way around, the energy is there first which then creates the thought about what the energy is about. 

Whatever the process, this is neither here nor there in the realms of understanding. What is needed to be understood is thought is the creative process that has created this planet. While the physical understanding of just how it is created is much to do with manufacturing and building things, it does not deviate from the fact that it is thought/energy that allows these things to be created. 

The negative as opposed to the positive is something that is the dualistic way of thinking. The way you have been taught to believe things are and are not. All exists but the understanding/meaning of the existence of good and evil is something that is also manufactured/created by the human mind that has been apparent over the last few thousand years. 

The need for survival of the fittest was taken away from many by the belief patterns that have been taught for a very long time. It is now not so much survival of the fittest but survival of the most intelligent. 

Which brings us to to the next question, define 'intelligence'. Yes its is a word used by many to seek the seperation needed to keep many factions of society apart from eachother. The lack of understanding on the part of many who have not the education that others have had is something that is paramount in the world today.

What is really the problem is the fact that this so called 'lack' of understanding is not something that is a problem for many until they are helped to realise that without education in state schools and governments etc, many doors in society will remain closed to them. 

This makes them feel like a lesser person than those who have been educated. Its not so much the knowlege that makes these people any better and lesser than eachother. It is the belief that this is so. 

Many people have the ability to see more than is seen by most, but this also is treated as a sickness by societies more 'educated' factions.

The illness they seem to think is apparent in alot of people isn't in fact an illness, but is more so the universal mind being opened in a way they cannot or will not allow themselves to understand. 

We are told about chaos by religious leaders. Told not to allow chaos to rule us, not to allow ourselves to have thoughts that don't quite 'fit' into the category of 'normal' thinking, because if we do we are sick, very very sick in the mind. 

I put it to you all that being sick in the mind because one sees only good in others rather than the bad that seems to be focused on by many all the time, isn't a sickness. Its a gift of the heart. A gift that many are not allowed to express through fear of being ridiculed and put out to pasture in some mental institution, especially built to house these special people. 

What is seen by these people is so far beyond the comprehension of many of the so called educated people of this society, it makes me sad. Then there is the other side of the coin and that is the 'educated' people who are well aware of what these people are able to see. They are aware they have opened their minds to such a level that it is fear that motivates them to separate these people from the rest of society.

Fear that these same, said people will change society as we know it today. 

Not allowing them the freedom to express themselves in a forum where they wont be ridiculed seems to be part and parcel of the journey of the heart at times. Being ridiculed by others because of the fear they have of what they are being told is seen seems to be something that is in bred within alot of people. 

While laughter may be the best medicine for many, this kind of sadistic way of treating people is the kind of laughter that is not conducive for ones well being. When one laughs out of fear for what they are laughing at the energy is changed. The type of energy that is being emitted through that laughter is a bitter taste for anyone to experience.

But in saying this, it also depends on how one perceives it as well. Does one perceive this laughter as something that is sad and bitter, therefore allowing the bitterness to affect them, or does one see it for what it is, a fear, the person laughing has so much love in them for something they fear may be taken away from them. 

All fear stems from love, the fact that many believe fear is a lack of love shows the way the human race has been taught to believe things. Fear is not a lack of love because it is love that generates fear. Fear is love, one loves an ideal or a thing so much fear is created if it seems the thing loved is about to be taken away from them. Fear isn't a lack of love but is more so love personified, love being controlled by the person who thinks they are about to lose it. 

Do away with the word fear then there will be only one word to use, love. Even this word has many interpretations put on it. What is love?
Is it truly the essence we are all seeking to find on this planet. Is it truly what we have been taught to believe it is. 
It is not a feeling, not something that we can create with a thought because it has never been MIScreated. It has never been outside our realm of understanding in this universe. What is outside the realm of understanding are the belief systems that have been put in place to try to explain what love is and isn't. Love isn't fear, fear isn't love, hate isn't love, love isn't hate, but they are all one, they are not something that is apart from each other because they have never been separated, they have never been anywhere that love isn't. Love is everywhere and once that realisation is reached then the true love begins. the love of the universe and all its creations, be it good or bad, dark or light, small or big, whatever one may call it. The universe has been created with love, by love, for love. There has never been no love within all realms of possibilities. 

Even in your biggest wars, the death and destruction you so like to participate in, there has always been love. The source of the wars has always been love, never hate. Everything comes from love, wars about land and ownership of things or people have all come from love. The love from both sides of something that is so dear to them they are willing to fight to the death to keep that love for themselves, the way they have always wanted it to be. The fear of change for many has always come from love because it is this same said love that makes one angry and possessive about losing something that they love so much.

As is often said, the simplest answers are usually the hardest ones to find. Look for the love in all situations because to define something as good or bad is not what this is all about. Love is all things, all feelings, all people, everywhere. Love is not apart from anything that isn't in this realm of existence. 
As for this realm of existence, it is one of many that are out there in the cosmos or more to the point, in your minds. The universe has never been apart from you even in your darkest moments when you have thought you are all alone, you have never been alone. You have always been a part of a greater whole that is only separated by the way you think of it. 
The next time you see someone who is angry or in a state of fear, don't buy into that state as well. Look for the love, find what it is they love so much that they are willing to put themselves through the pain of anger and frustration to hold onto that love. This will enable you to see the bigger picture which allows the love we all seek to find to come shining through.


Manifesting: How can one manifest things into their lives with only half the tools. Viewing the negative side of things as something to ignore and run from is in essence closing the door to the creative power you each have within you. How can you expect to achieve something that is attainable with only half the tools that are available. As with all things in the universe there is what is called balance. That saying, be careful what you ask for because you will get it. It is more apt to say, ask for what you want and you will receive all that comes with it. Hiding from the negative things in life will only make things harder to become manifest in your life. 

As what is called negativity is a state of mind, a state of being just like positivity is, how can you expect to create without the use of both these energies.
If the earth is viewed from an energy level and all energy is love, the only thing that separates it is the belief and understanding of it. One must then choose how they want to see it. You can choose to keep it separated, therefore stemming the flow of what you want to manifest in your life or you can choose to recognise it as a whole rather than two separate parts of the whole. 
In order for the universe to bring to you what you want on a conscious level, it takes all energy to bring this to you. If you close the door to the negative side of love then you are doing no more than closing the door on yourself, a part of yourself.

I see energy much like an ocean of water. Filled with different things like plants and fish and so forth. Imagine these things are energy, all energy but just different forms or levels of the same energy. To ignore the plants, close the door off to them means that to bring to me something through that water, it would take a bit longer because avoiding the energy of the plant is putting up barriers to things that the universe is trying to bring to me. Having to maneuvre what I want to manifest in my life around the plants means it takes longer for it to come to me. If I stop ignoring the plant, open the door to them and realise they are no different to the water they are floating in, there is nothing to fear from these plants, means there is no maneuvering around them. The universe, because of the power of my thoughts, my thoughts that don't separate those plants from the water or the fish or even by what is being brought to me, makes it easier for it to come to me. It makes it so easy because there are no longer any barriers I am creating with my own thought patterns to stop what is being brought to me from coming to me. Don't ignore the basic things in life that are in front of you. Realising that by ignoring what is in front of you, closing those doors off to people and things you feel don't fit into your little universe just means you are also stemming your own manifesting abilities to bring to you whatever it is you want to achieve in this world.