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For too long now many have looked at the negative as a thing to order to go on  your spiritual journey you must learn to accept your negative side...learn to deal with it yourself...donít run....donít hide...just deal with it....Look to your mind as a corridor filled with millions of doors and with each new piece of  knowledge you attain and learn to understand comes another open door.  With each door that opens....comes another question to answer......the corridor is endless...the doors are and you will find the answers you are looking for....if not for now...then later on your journey....learn to keep all you write, draw, it...keep it...and it will have more meaning for you  as you go it again later...a month, a year, will all become clearer as time goes by.....YOU!!! do not control controls you so donít reach for the stars because all you will get is the it one step at a time....and take whatever it have no CONTROL over where you will go or what you will receive....for that is the key...take it all as it comes....donít turn your back on any of it....for it is ALL for you.....there is NO!!! right way or wrong way.....JUST YOUR WAY.....
DONT!!! let anyone tell you how...just let them show you the way....for all they are needed for is confirmation of something you already KNOW!!!!

New Zealand, 25. August 1999


What is being shown is in essence the easiest of things for you as the human race can understand...the time to see exactly what is to be is now being offered in boundless parcels of knowledge for all and sundry to identify with.
Trust what is being shown and trust what is being felt... the energy/vibrations/LOVE is for all to receive.. not just the select few but for the whole as a part of the bigger picture you all seek to see.   BELIEVE.....BELIEVE....without doubt for the perception is for each one as a different be-ing...but in the same token as a part of the whole you all seek to become part of...  The time of oneness is upon you...the time for becoming is now here....the time of Eons is now upon you... what has been foreseen and what will be is now here... the time to do is now... the time to share is now ...donít hold back.. share the knowledge for without the sharing many will be lost for the knowledge many arenít sharing is the knowledge required to further the evolution of this race you call humans.... bring it out...all of it no matter how trivial it may sound or seem its to be SHARED by all for all to show all that is required to continue on the journey chosen by each of you..... Let go of the pre conceived ideas of the past...this is the NEW AGE OF SPIRITUALITY... the time for the new knowledge is now upon us...the children are the key to the future... this is there future the time to listen and learn from the children is now...the time for the new knowledge is now!!!! The time to join as one is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The answers are there for all to see......for all to share....for all to BE......

New Zealand, 10. January 2000

(c) 1999-2000 by Marina J. (sunluv)

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