Soul Mates


Soul Mates.....what are soul mates to me...many are under the misguided conception that soulmates burn a fire within...that special feeling you achieve upon meeting them cannot be duplicated with others...WRONG!!! this is the feeling of love the feeling of the opening of ones heart....this can be achieved with anyone for after all....are we not all one..and if thats the case then are we not all soul mates with eachother, not just the one we claim to have been looking for since the conception of this Earth time and the first life we led here??
 So in essence, we are all soulmates, be it of the opposite sex or the same.....much like the duality everyone speaks of the Yin and to when you think your looking for that one person to burn the passion in your heart...the feeling you are after is something that can be achieved with anyone ....but then after finding this love...if the chemistry is right with another THEN...comes the physical bonding we have for too long taken as the meaning of we've had it back to front for centuries and now its time to turn it around and do it right...the love first...the physical second...
 So if someone tells you they've been looking for you since the beginning just remember, we have ALL been looking for eachother, we just lost the ability to know how to find become as one...up until now that is......

New Zealand, 9. January 2000

(c) 1/2000 by Marina J. (sunluv)