'their are no losers in this game of life we play'

'Everyone is a winner'

There are no losers in this game of life we play.  While it may seem the world is full of winners and losers it all depends on ones perception of what it is about rather than the result.  

Take a look around you. How much drama is there going on in your life at the moment.  Do you feel hard done by because someone else makes you feel some kind of emotional hurt that you think they are responsible for. 

 Look into yourself for the reasons for this. Realise that we bring to us all that is going on inside us.  If someone slights you for one reason or another do not be concerned about their motivations or reasoning behind it.

To enable you to come to terms with others in your life and the way the drama game is played, don't look to them for the answers.  Don't look to them for some reasoning behind it .  If you do it means you are still playing the game  and playing it their way.  Look into yourself and see that what is being played out in front of  you is a play of sorts.  The play is called


and the players are everyone in your life at the moment.

For some reason each and every one of you has created the situations you are in to enable you to learn more about yourself.  You each have a choice in all this as to which way you choose to perceive this game.

One choice is to play the victim, be the one who says Woe is me, why me, what have I ever done to deserve this from them, I've done nothing to them, woooooeee is me....Im so sad and hard done by.

The other is where you become the so called victor and think I won, I won, I won, and you do a merry little dance because you think you scored points off someone else in the little play you are acting in.

The other is where you  realise the lessons about yourself that have been played out by each and everyone in this little act of the play.  See the bigger picture and realise this little drama isn't about the others and what they may or may not think or do. This little drama is about you and only you.  How others  complete the drama is beside the point if you can see the positive side of it.

See what you need to see in the people who are in your little drama game.  Do you feel trapped and bound by the people who are around you. Do you feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders? If so then it more than likely is on your shoulders,   literally.  

Take a look at that weight on your shoulders and break it down bit by bit.  Pick it to pieces bit by bit and see just how much of that weight ISN'T yours.  See it for what it is,  your own judgement of either yourself or other people around you.

If the others in the play don't see it your way, then so be it.  Allow them the freedom to play out the drama game they are playing. Allow them the freedom to play the way they want to play.  If it makes them happy to be in the middle of it, allow them that happiness. Allow them to be their own winners in the game no matter what the outcome is. Don't try to change it to suit you for their purpose in the drama for you has already been served if you are now looking to yourself for the answers.

Take note that while this may be one way to look at it there are other levels of consciousness being played out by the other players in the game.  There will be people who like the emotional pull of the drama.  People who thrive on the emotional energy of others without realising it.  The manipulators who play the game in a way to draw out the emotional energy from others to fulfill some need within themselves. 

There will also be those who are not aware of the game being played.  Those who have their heads in the sand and trust what is in front of them without question.  The so called 'victims' of the game. 

Those who are not aware of the multiple levels of experience going on around them. Those who don't realise the game being played is being played out by others who will be manipulative and controlling, which is one way to look at it.  

While you may be on a level where the lesson is able to be seen for yourself,  this does not mean the others can or will ever see it the same way as you will.  Depending on the level of evolvement they are at.

Be happy in the knowledge that no matter how everyone  may be affected by the drama that is going on,  they are serving their purpose for you and vice versa.  You are also serving a purpose for them to enable them the experiences they need. The trick is to see the lesson,  value the experience for what it gave you and move on from it and all involved in it.