There are no teachers there are only students

For all are students in this game of life

True healing comes from within ones self. While it may seem to be necessary for others to be healed by other people, this is only one option that is available out there.

 How can one heal someone else when they are also in need of healing themself.  What happens to the patient when the healer leaves or moves on from them. Has the patient been given enough of their own inner power.  Have they been given enough info to enable them to continue with the healing on their own.  Has the healer not recognised that healing is a two way street. It takes two to heal, not one.  If one does not impart the necessary knowlege to the patient, the patient is left like a drug addict going through withdrawal symptoms. Needing the next fix to get them through the the next week. Knowing, or rather thinking they need the healer to give them the power they need to feel better.

With this being the case, wouldnt it go without saying that while there is a general push towards natural healing remedies and energy healings etc. There is in the end no change to the way things are going to be or have been. People are still being expected to look outside themselves for the ability to be healed. What is happening isnt really changing the way society can be.

 The power that we have been taught for centuries to put into others and their abilities to heal are still being done the same way. While there has to be taken into account the fact that there are people out there who are truly working from the heart and are sharing the knowlege they have gained in an effort to give back to the human race the power they seem to have lost over the years.

There are also those out there who take the credit for being



who is the


  to heal.

Give credit where credit is due and that is where the crux of the matter is. As long as we show others that healing is something only a select few can or will do, then nothing changes, the human race still exists in a dual existence that will never come together as one.

Give people back the power that has been theirs always, the power that has been kept in the background through a lack of belief or faith in ones self. Give back to the people what was and has always been theirs. Give back to them, them selves. Give back to them the knowlege and ability to heal themselves. All that is required is for one to believe it is possible and that is the start. What comes from there on in is entirely up to them.

Set the foundation of learning from the first step into the spiritual realms. That foundation being, there are NO wrong answers, there are and will only be answers to questions that make one feel more EMpowered, not DISempowered.  There are no single answers to any questions, there are only tangents of the truth that one will need to discern as a truth that is true for ones self and only ones self.

There are no teachers there are only students. For all are students in this game of life, this world of existence that we have chosen to come back to and enjoy the fruits of.

Play hard and well but always remember, play fair for without the fairness of heart that is within each and every one of us, there will be pain and sorrow that will never be let go of.

Fairness is something that is as personal to an individual as is there own inner being. What may seem fair to you may in someone elses eyes seem cruel and cold. Take only what is good for you in all that you see and do and you will go far.